EASIEST Free Traffic Method in 2019

EASIEST Free Traffic Method in 2019 - So you got yourself a spiffy new website, right? Great. And you made all your social pages too? Fantastic. Have you sold anything on it? Why not? Because nobody knows who you are. In a world of 3 billion websites, you've managed to be the least viewed out of all of them, and you certainly don't have huge budgets for advertising. So you're going to have to strap your boots and follow me to learn how we can supplement your lack of money with unprecedented amounts of activity.
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Besides the article writing, the great content, and all those Facebook invites, you're going to eventually need some backlinks. When you're first starting out, getting exposure is the most important thing, and typically, it's best to get the maximum amount of exposure to your website while spending the least amount of money.

EASIEST Free Traffic Method 

Even if you have advertising money to spend, free traffic methods will enable you to test your idea and website without costing you anything but sweat equity. That's always a good thing, especially if you're new. But how exactly do you get it? Backlinks. Backlinks are still the fuel behind great content. Backlinks are little votes to people that say "Yes, this site was relevant to me." The problem newcomers have with backlinks is they seem so hard to get. And if that's the main way to get quality, consistent traffic, then where do we go and get them?

Actually, it isn't so hard. Forget for a second the importance or even the difference of do-follow and no-follow and focus more on who's looking at the link. Let's break the problem of obscurity up into sections, define the sections, and solve the problem. You can get links from:

1. People you know who own popular blogs.
2. People you "cold-call" (or email) for guest postings
3. Doing a search for websites who welcome guest posted content (your field + "guest posting"
4. Forum members' blog links in exchange for articles you write
5. Classifieds
6. Private Blog Networks

Here we have 6 categories of links we can garnish traffic from. Each is their own beast with their own purposes. You'll notice that I excluded social networking sites. One reason for this is because the content or advertisements you publish on any of these networks can easily be repurposed into Facebook posts or images for Pinterest / Twitter, etc.

You have to consider link campaigns, sometimes, like a cold call. Even if you contact them by email, you're essentially asking someone for digital real estate when publishing links to other people's websites. Creativity is king here - your ability to offer a unique piece of content while simultaneously offering a unique value proposition to your potential link partner.

Some tools such as SEO Powersuite come with a link assistant. In fact, in SEO Powersuite, that tool is literally called "Link-Assistant," and it will enable you to type a keyword into it and it will spit out all of the websites (and their owner's contact information) to you. It will organize them in relevant ways. For more info about this tool, please message me on the forum.

Of course you can also do the manual search alternative by typing in your keyword + "guest posting" and find yourself some free traffic sources that way. However, SEO Powersuite comes with a free trial if you want to really ramp up your passive marketing. And no, this isn't an advertorial to sell SEO Powersuite. Regardless, let's move on to classifieds...

Do not underestimate the power of Craigslist. It has, on a given day, a half billion users. Most of them are right here in America too. There are two ways to get traffic from Craigslist:

  1. Start discussions in the forums about your niche and engage them / coach the participants into buying questions.
  2. Post ads. Your limit is usually 6 ads per day. You can usually make at least 2 accounts by utilizing a free VPN service and second phone number (cell phone / landline combo works for me)

Even if you are just marketing a blog, this is still important. There is an entire section called "The Best of Craigslist" which is one of the most-viewed sections of the site. This tells us that people go there, at least in part, to be entertained in some way. Bloggers CAN leverage this market and I promise you FEW of them are. Below is a non-exhaustive but very effective list of free traffic sources from Classified-type sites:

  1. backpage
  2. ebayclassifieds
  3. classifiedsforfree
  4. usfreeads
  5. legoo
  6. ads.comrite
  7. freeadlists
  8. tuffclassified
  9. adpost
  10. classifieds4free

Your next easy way of getting high quality traffic is also backlinks from educational authorities. You may have heard that educational institutions have a higher value to Google as far as trust and you'd be correct. Before I publish a list of .edu sites for you, I should tell you first how to leverage them. Here's the trick: you have to contact the schools and offer your content, software, or videos (whatever content gets you the link!) and pitch it as a "student resource." Ask for it to be published into student dashboards.

You can, alternatively, give them your content and just be sure to also include a piece of branding such as your logo (traffic is traffic, not always a link). Give your resource to them and ask for a link in return. They will be more than happy to do this. You'll need to contact the school's IT department to accomplish this and they will likely direct you to the one who will give it the "ok" if they aren't that team - but usually they are. Your links should link back to a content site you own such as a blog, and that blog should link to your money site. You don't have to do it this way, but I suggest it because you're offering student resources - for students, who may or may not be too broke to buy what you're selling. So best bet is using them for the traffic potential. You can find them by searching a list of schools and universities in your area. Here's 10 to start, along with their Alexa rank:
  1. mit.edu
  2. stanford.edu
  3. harvard.edu
  4. berkeley.edu
  5. phoenix.edu
  6. psu.edu
  7. cornell.edu
  8. utexas.edu
  9. umich.edu
  10. uchicago.edu

As you can tell, article publishing and link-acquisition are still the roots of any SEO campaign. That isn't likely to change fundamentally anytime soon. The only real difference you'll notice in the times to come is the method of how they will be implemented. Let's move onto another source of free traffic potential. There has been some debate in the SEO community about whether or not posting to directories is beneficial for you or not. I'm not here to debate that. This isn't really an article about SEO, it is one about traffic. And the fact is that some directories still get traffic. They may come from an older community and your traffic might be from people looking for alternative options that they might not find in a Google search. That's okay because traffic is traffic.

  1. highrankdirectory
  2. sitepromotiondirectory
  3. abc-directory
  4. ecesummit
  5. digitalfree
  6. x89
  7. multiele
  8. multiele
  9. dmoz

A degree of omnipresence is required here. Sometimes traffic can come from your logo or slogan. Consistency is the key here. When you make your profiles or accounts to forums, you use the same logo for each, and place your slogan as text in the image (or website). There is never a such thing as "too much" on the internet because most of the time the space is so vast that you're likely a long way from doing barely enough most of the time - at least this is the mindset you should adopt.